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Ready to Create a Profitable, Freelance Hair Extension Business?

Introducing: My Online & In Person Accredited Hair Extension Education. Learn Exactly how To Master The Art Of Hair Extensions, and Build Your Dream Profitable Business and Become Your Own Boss!

Get Certified in Beaded Weft's, Tapes, Nano Rings, Micro Rings with my Beginner Friendly, Hair Extension Education. All courses are GPHE accredited and come with a Certification upon completion. 

Who are my Hair Extension Courses Perfect for?

 ➜ For New aspiring Hair Extension Specialist's, who want to build a business that generate's a generous income, whilst adding value to the lives of others. 

Hair/Beauty Pro's who want to make their mark in the industry by focusing on high ticket services, and starting their journey to entrepeneruship and financial freedom. 

➜ For Busy Mum's who want to build a business that work's around their lifestyle, and are looking for a  way to earn extra income whilst helping others


Lead By : UK Leading Hair Extension Educator,
Expert & Entrepreneur... Charlotte Pierce


Become your Own Boss & create your own Freedom

Here’s What You’ll Learn In My Hair Extension Courses:

 ➜ Module 1 - Introduction: An introduction to the course, our Facebook community group and the world of hair extensions.

Module 2 - Consultations: Learn how to deliver professional consultation's with confidence and ease. Video tutorial & Consultation form included.

Module 3 - Colour Matching: Understand how to master the colour match process to get the perfect result for your client's.

Module 4 - Hair Extension Theory: Understand the theory element of hair, scalp and extensions, with my in depth hair extension manual. 

Module 5 - Hair Extension Basics: We cover the 'golden rules' of hair extension installation's, and how to achieve safe and discreet fittings

Module 6 - Placement & Weight Guides: Dive into my  templates that'll teach you how to navigate hair extension weights (grams), and placement 

 ➜ Module’s 7 - 10 Installation, Maintenance, Removals: Master the process of Hair Extensions and learn how to expertly Install, Maintain and Remove Extensions on your future clients with in depth, step-by-step video tutorials. (For your chose methods (Beaded Weft, Tape, Nano Rings, Micro Rings)

Module 11 - Section Guides:  #Underthehood section guides for you to reference your own work against for guidance


Module 12 - Cutting & Blending: In depth video tutorial and manual teaching you how to expertly cut and blend hair extensions, as-well as natural hair. 

Module 13 - Final Assessment: Once you are ready, your work will be submitted and your Certification will be given upon completion

Module 14 - Trade Accounts: Now that you a Certified Extensioniost, I will guide you through the process of opening Hair Trade Accounts

BONUSES: Exclusive access to 8 bonus resources that''ll help you accomplish industry success!

Finally create the financial freedom you deserve. 

Here's what some of my previous students have to say

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