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Introducting: Business Basic's Bootcamp 


Learn the Foundations of Setting Up a Successful, Fully Booked Freelance Beauty Business and Becoming Your Own Boss. 


Who is Business Basic's Bootcamp Perfect for?


 ➜ For New Hair and Beauty Pro's, who want to build a business that generate's a generous income, and come Fully Booked


➜ For Hair and Beauty Pros, who want to understand how to get started working for yourself and becoming your own boss - (legally as a sole trader, how to navigate taxes)

➜ Hair/Beauty Pro's who want to make their mark in the industry and learn new ways to attract new clientele and create a sustainable business

What's inside? 


There are 3 in depth modules that cover:


- Choosing a business name

- Logo's & branding

- Setting up social channels

- How to easily create a website

- Business structures (sole trader/ltd)

- Dealing with Taxes

- Self employment

- Business banking & Accountants / Apps

- How to attract your dream clientele

- How to retain clients

- The customer journey

- How to raise awareness of your brand

- What content to post when first starting out



Business Basic's Bootcamp

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