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Attention Aspiring Hair Extensionist's! Ready to Create a Profitable, Freelance Hair Extension Business?

Free Masterclass Reveals: How to Build a Profitable Freelance Hair Extension Business,  Even if You are Starting From Scratch. 

Join Me for This No-Cost 1 Hour Masterclass on (Date) at (Time) Hosted inside a Secret Pop-Up Fb Group

In This Masterclass I’ll Be Sharing The Industry Secrets That'll Help You Create the Profitable,  Freedom Based Business of Your Dream's!


In this webinar we will cover

The Hair Extension industry is worth 2.35 BILLION pounds and is rapidly growing every single day.  With earning potential of 2K+ weekly, there is no better time to a part of it than now!


Presented by Charlotte Pierce,
Hair Extension Expert, Educator & Founder

After training and working in the most prestigious salons in London's Mayfair for the first 7 year's of her career, Charlotte was made jobless during the pandemic.


After this, she pursued her freelance career full time as-well as creating Hair Extension Brand, Belle Luxe. Shockingly, her first ever premises was burgled shortly after this and she lost absolutely everything, and had to start over from scratch.


 Despite a very rocky welcome into the Freelance and Business world, Charlotte has since become a Leading Hair Extension Educator and Expert, and has worked with student's around the globe, as-well as relaunching and reviving her Hair Extension brand, Belle Luxe.

Finally create the financial freedom you deserve. 

This training will share with you everything you need to know to get started in the Hair Extension Industry, and create a Freedom Based Freelance Business of your dreams!

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